The focus on recruitments at Macro extends beyond the Indian boundaries, to world-class organizations in diverse industries which aim at enhancing their local talent pool by synergizing expatriate skills.

Our team of consultants is committed to meet the international standards of quality service delivery through intricate analysis of skill-sets, psychological attributes and personal ethics.

We have closely worked with some of the largest business groups in Nepal and helped them build an exceptional team of high caliber individuals. Besides this, over the years, we have also successfully recruited individuals in Dubai, Sri Lanka, Australia, Indonesia, The Baltic nations, Central Africa, South Africa, and beyond.

More recently, we have established an office at Singapore, with the aim to better serve our clients in the Asia Pacific region.

For individuals, aspiring to gain multi-cultural experience, Macro provides a gateway to companies that value their skills and offer an environment of shared learning.

Confidence and dependability of employment works beyond contract documents and the underlying strength is built upon organizational goodwill that we at Macro can vouch for.


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