Sectors / Verticals

Over the years, MACRO has assiduously maintained operational niche in terms of functional disciplines as well as Corporate hierarchy irrespective of whether it is an advertised search or an head-hunting assignment or, for that matter, any other data-based searches.

We offer complete solutions in the areas of Finance, Marketing, HRD, Technical, Production and general management. Function-specific identification and appraisal tools are applied to arrive at the optimum resource with unflinching regularity.

Over the years, through practice and learning, MACRO has developed skills to recruit white-collar personnel. But even within an organization, our processes and understanding are most geared towards recruitments of Middle & Senior management levels. Today, we derive satisfaction in claiming our professional excellence in such areas.

Pan-India head hunting is our forte and is carried out for more critical assignments after extensive deliberations, strategizing followed by pin-point mapping of target companies/ sectors.

On the seniority scale, Presidents, Business Heads and Functional Chiefs have been successfully placed through us at our Corporate clients.

Both in India and abroad.

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